What You Should Know About Fur Balls and Cats?

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Hairballs and Cats

Hairballs in cats are not only unpleasant, but they can put your kit at risk of intestinal issues that can hinder his health. If your cat’s hairball problem is getting out of hand, contact your Austin vet at Dessau Veterinary Clinic for help in remedying the situation. For your convenience, our animal hospital serves Austin and surrounding communities. Here’s what you should know about hairballs and cats.

Causes of Hairballs in Cats

Hairballs develop as a result of your cat’s fastidious grooming habits. As your cat licks himself, loose hairs are caught on his tongue and swallowed. For the most part, this hair is passed through your cat’s digestive tract. Hair that stays in your cat’s stomach usually develops into hairballs. Eventually, your cat will vomit this hairball out of his mouth.

Hairball Symptoms 

Watching or listening to a cat eliminate a hairball can be disconcerting, to say the least. He may hack or gag in the process of spewing the hairball out. If all goes well, your cat will retch that hairball out in a short amount of time. Sometimes, however, cats hack and gag continuously with no results. That’s when you should call your veterinarian. If your cat loses his appetite or shows signs of diarrhea, constipation, or lethargy, call your Austin vet or bring him to our animal hospital for a checkup as a hairball could be causing intestinal problems.

Hairball Remedies

You can’t stop your cat from grooming, but you can take measures to keep hairballs to a minimum. You can groom your cat yourself so less fur winds up in his stomach. Brushing your cat daily can minimize the development of hairballs.

You can feed your kit cat food specially designed to improve fur health so hairballs pass more easily through your pet’s digestive system. You can also use a hairball laxative to facilitate hairball passage through your kit’s digestive tract.

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