Pet Diabetes

Diabetes in pets

Your dog or cat can get diabetes the same way humans get it. Treatment is not that different from how it is treated in humans either. At Dessau Veterinary Clinic near Austin, we can help you help your pet live a healthy life even with this condition. There is no cure, but you can help your pet live a pretty much normal life as you manage the condition. Part of pet care of animals with this condition may include insulin shots and certainly will include changes in their diet. 


The symptoms

Early symptoms of animal diabetes include general weakness, weight loss, change in eating habits, increase in thirst and more urination. A lack of ability to hold their urine can also be a symptom. These symptoms can be minor and can be hard to notice. If they get to the point where they are very noticeable, your animal needs to see the vet. Sometimes diabetes is noticed during the yearly checkup, but regardless of when, it is important to find it and control it as much as possible.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes Mellitus is the formal name of the condition, and it is a lifelong condition. It happens when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin for the dog or cat. Insulin transports blood sugar or glucose, to the cells. When this transaction does not happen, the glucose level rises to a very high level in the bloodstream. This can cause damage to the body and can eventually be fatal if not treated.

How to treat the condition?

Once it is determined your dog or cat has diabetes your veterinarian will create a treatment plan for the individual dog or cat. Things like the type and amount of insulin, how it is to be given, diet restrictions and exercise for your dog or cat will be discussed. Dogs normally have type 1 diabetes, which means they will need insulin shots. Cats normally have Type 2, which does not always require shots.

When diagnosed, some cats and dogs need to stay in the animal hospital for some treatments for a few days. This can include intravenous treatments, blood sugar monitoring, antibiotics, and other medications, and monitoring. From that point, the pet owner will have to take on the responsibility of caring for the pet. This could include giving insulin shots, specific diet restrictions and getting quality exercise.

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The Dessau Veterinary Clinic is an animal hospital in Casper, Wyoming that treats dogs, cats, and horses. We can help your pet stay healthy, and treat any condition that arises. Diabetes is a chronic condition that can be serious, but it can be managed with the proper care and help from your vet.


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