Pet Diabetes

Visitors to Dessau Veterinary Clinic in Austin are often quite surprised when they are informed their pet has diabetes. Even with regular veterinary care, older and overweight pets can develop diabetes just like their human owners. Many of those diagnosed have simply brought the pet to the animal hospital because the animal seemed more tired than usual. Others are just coming in for an annual wellness checkup and the vet may want a urinalysis and blood work. The diagnosis often comes as a complete surprise.


What is Diabetes?

Glucose is produced in your pet's body to help break down food so it can be converted to energy. For glucose to work, insulin must be present. Insulin is a hormone produced in the pancreas. In certain cases, the body stops producing glucose altogether, or it simply doesn't produce enough. When this happens, the insulin goes into the blood and the rest of the body is starving for energy.

Common Symptoms

The symptoms of pet diabetes are often not noticed. Your little one may seem to drink more water and always seem to be hungry. He will most likely need to urinate more often. Despite always being hungry, he may start to lose weight and seem to be more tired than normal. Cats may stop grooming themselves and their coats may lose their shine. You may also notice a slight film covering one or both eyes in your dog.


You will most likely have to administer a daily insulin shot to your pet. This can be scary at first, but our veterinarian at the animal hospital will show you how to do this quickly and with as little stress to your pet as possible. You will also be given a special diet that your pet must adhere to. In the beginning, it may take a few weeks to get the proper dosage of insulin, but once that dosage is determined, your pet should start feeling better quickly.

Find Help at Our Austin Animal Clinic

At Dessau Veterinary Clinic in Austin, we understand how scared you may be when you hear that your beloved pet has diabetes. We want to assure you that with proper treatment, your pet can still live a full life. Now is a good time to call for an annual wellness checkup where you can ask the vet if diabetes testing may be necessary. Call our veterinarian for an appointment today at (512) 339-3177.


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