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You love your North Austin pet, so naturally, you want to be able to find your pet if they are ever separated from you but if that collar tag on his neck gets removed, how will anyone, even a trained shelter worker, have any chance of tracing them back to you? This is a very real concern for pet owners and it's also a great reason to look into pet microchipping at Dessau Vet Clinic. Our veterinarian in North Austin, Dr. Campbell, can provide your pet with an unobtrusive yet highly effective form of permanent ID.

Microchipping for Dogs and Cats: How It Works

Microchipping for dogs and cats might sound like some sort of intricate surgical procedure, but the truth is that nothing could be quicker or easier. The radio-frequency (RF) microchip is only about as large as a grain of rice, which means that we can inject it just under your pet's skin with a syringe -- no surgery necessary! The microchip contains a unique identifying number recorded, along with your contact information, in a pet registry database. If your pet goes missing and turns up in an animal shelter, the shelter employees will use an RF scanner to search for this ID. The scanner's energy enables the chip to transmit its data so the worker can look up the ID number and then contact you. 

Benefits of Microchipping for Cats and Dogs

You may wonder why we highly recommend microchipping for cats and dogs, including animals that already have collar ID tags. Of course the microchipping doesn't replace the collar tag in terms of convenience or accessibility since most people who encounter a lost animal won't be carrying an RF scanner. But it's important to remember that collar tags, and sometimes the collars they're attached to, can come off in a chaotic situation or when traveling through thick underbrush. This would make your pet completely unidentifiable without the additional ID provided by a microchip.

Pet microchipping is such an easy and affordable procedure that there's simply no reason not to give your pet this extra safeguard for finding his way back to you. Our veterinarian in Overland Park can administer the service in the course of a regular wellness exam, or you can schedule it at any other time. The important thing is to do it while you're thinking about it -- before a natural disaster or other unforeseen event separates you from your best friend.

Contact Our Veterinarian in Overland Park

The simple extra step of having your pet microchipped could make all the difference between a tragic outcome and happy ending if he ever goes missing. Give your furry family member every chance to rejoin your household by calling Dessau Vet Clinic at (512) 339-3177. Our veterinarian in North Austin can provide this tiny piece of technology that can help your pet come home to you!


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  • "Dr. Campbell and all her coworkers are awesome! Mary remembers how each of my cats react when they come in to visit and even though they are very scared her and Dr. Campbell do everything they can to make it go as smoothly as possible for them. Even if I move out of the Dessau area I will continue to bring my cats here!"
    Izzy Roebuck
  • "Doc Campbell and crew show love and understanding for all their patients. We have used their services since 2005 for our fur family."
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