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Information for New Patients of Dessau Veterinary Clinic in North Austin

Here at Dessau Veterinary Clinic, we want to make sure that each of our patients has a wonderful experience. We would like to give our clients a bit of information ahead of time to make that first visit a smooth one. Feel free to read about our animal clinic staff, find out more about our dog boarding and cat boarding services.

Cat Boarding at Austin animal clinic It is important for pet owners to know what to expect on a first visit to our veterinary clinic. We offer all a range of routine and veterinary services to pet owners of the North Austin and Pflugerville areas. A first checkup for a pet in our animal clinic will generally consist of a "head to tail" examination of his or her body and everything in between. Vital signs will also be taken and notated on file in case of an emergency. A first visit to our clinic is also the perfect time to bring up any recent changes in pet behavior or health. We also advise pet owners to ask any questions about pet behavior or habits.

Helpful Tips for a Visit to our Animal Hospital

In order to make each visit have a minimal amount of waiting room time, we provide the following forms online so pet owners may complete them before their visit. Our New Patient Registration form allows our veterinarians and staff to easily input each pet's information into our database. We ask pet owners to fill out the form as completely and accurately as possible to ensure the best animal hospital care available. The Surgical Information Form is a series of three forms that allows our veterinarians to know a bit more information regarding each pet prior to any type of surgery. Again, we ask pet owners to please fill out these forms as completely and accurately as possible. It is not necessary to complete the forms i Austin veterinary clinic provides dog boarding f a pet is not scheduled for surgery. The Pre-Anesthetic Blood Testing Information Form enables our veterinarians to take blood testing samples prior to anesthetic treatment. Again, it is not necessary to complete this form if a pet is not scheduled for surgery

For pet owners that are using our dog boarding and cat boarding services, we have a section for boarding. The boarding section has an online form that allows pet owners to schedule dog boarding and cat boarding visits at our clinic and to provide us with any special information for the pet's stay. All dog boarding and cat boarding visits are subject to space and availability.

We also have an online pharmacy that allows us to mail prescriptions to pet owners. Pet owners need refills are asked to complete the Prescription Refill Form. The form allows us to conveniently refill pet prescriptions without hassle. For pet owners that plan on visiting our office, they can take a virtual tour of our animal hospital facilities. We also provide a Payment Options section for pet owners. We understand that finances are tight and unexpected pet emergencies happen. That is why we accept cash, personal check, money order, certified funds, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover Card payments. In addition, we also offer the Care Credit card.

Pet owners in and around Austin and Pflugerville are invited to call or email us with any questions about any of our services or to schedule an appointment.


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "Dr. Campbell and all her coworkers are awesome! Mary remembers how each of my cats react when they come in to visit and even though they are very scared her and Dr. Campbell do everything they can to make it go as smoothly as possible for them. Even if I move out of the Dessau area I will continue to bring my cats here!"
    Izzy Roebuck
  • "Doc Campbell and crew show love and understanding for all their patients. We have used their services since 2005 for our fur family."
    Dora Ann Castro Rodriguez