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Pet Care At Our Animal Hospital For Heartworms

Dessau Vet Clinic in Austin is encouraging pet owners to pay close attention to heartworm prevention. As the weather warms up and mosquitoes become more prevalent, the risks of your pets contracting heartworms increases. Unfortunately, some pet owners do not realize the importance of prevention for this potentially fatal disease. Heartworms can be prevented if you take certain measures for your pet.


What Are Heartworms?

Heartworms are parasites that live not only in the heart of an infected pet but also in the blood vessels and lungs. Mature heartworms grow up to be a foot long, causing damage to vital organs. They are spread, much like some human diseases, through mosquitoes, which they fed upon animals that are carrying the disease. The worst part is that heartworms can live within an animal for years, doing all kinds of irreparable damage to it in the process. Prevention is the best treatment for this disease.

Dogs and cats are affected differently by heartworms, but they can still be fatal for both animals. Dogs are more accommodating hosts for heartworms and are, as a result, at greater risk. It is also easier to detect heartworms in dogs than cats.

Detecting Heartworms and Treatments

Here at our animal clinic, we have the tools necessary to diagnose heartworms in pets. A blood test is the best way to help our veterinarian to detect the presence of heartworms. If your dog tests positive for heartworms, there are treatments available, but the damage to your dog’s heart and lungs will remain, requiring continuous care. Depending on how severe your dog’s condition is, our veterinarian may recommend medication to kill juvenile heartworms or surgery to remove the worms from the organs. Unfortunately, there is no approved treatment for heartworms in cats.

Protecting Your Pet From Heartworm Disease

Heartworm prevention is key to protecting your pet’s health. The veterinary staff at our animal hospital understand that it is not possible to avoid every mosquito, but taking measures to prevent them from completing their cycle is the best solution. A few preventative medicines you can choose from are in the form of monthly topical, monthly chewable, or every six month injections. Our veterinary team in Austin can help you choose the best form of treatment based on your pet’s needs.

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