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Pet Surgery From Dessau Vet Clinic

At Dessau Vet Clinic, we’re dedicated to the comfort of both our pet patients and their owners. Among our many services, pet surgery is one of the most important to understand. Pets may need to undergo surgery for a number of reasons. Before scheduling an appointment with one of our veterinarians, take a closer look at the aspects of surgery, itself.

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Does My Pet Need Surgery?

Surgery is an invaluable medical service. In some cases, it can save a pet from incredibly dangerous diseases. In other cases, it safely—and comfortably—serves as a dental service. So, does your pet need surgery? Let’s find out. Surgery is incredibly effective at treating non-emergency conditions, assuring your pet is always as healthy as possible.

Non-Emergency Surgery

Dessau Vet Clinic wants your pet to be as comfortable as possible. We understand the difficulties of long procedures, dental check-ups and hard-to-reach treatments.

If your pet has a benign skin mass, bladder stones or a bad tooth, surgery is often used. By anesthetizing your pet, your skilled veterinarian spares them the stress. Ulcers, malignant masses, and even inflammation are other causes for surgery.

Anesthesia: A Vital Component

Anesthesia serves several purposes. Primarily, it protects your pet from the pain of surgery. It can also be used during physical examinations. Your Dessau Vet Clinic providers use anesthesia regimes based on your pet’s health. By taking your pet’s weight, breed and current conditions into account, clinic providers assure proper medicine dosages are administered.

Our intuitive medical team constantly watches the process. If your pet requires additional anesthesia, the treatment can be reapplied safely and effectively. Anesthesia treatment can even be used during dental procedures, offering comfort and feasibility to long visits. 

Ask Your Austin Provider About Post-Op Care

We love our Austin residents. We want their pets to be as happy as possible, and we understand the need for post-op care. While every post-op situation is different, we believe a few care options tend to work with most of our pet patients.

Try to keep your pet confined. Make them comfortable, but reduce high-energy activities to avoid healing difficulties. In most cases, a pet entering post-op will be treated with antibiotics. A sedative, or anti-anxiety medication, can be given to hyper patients needing a little assistance.

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