Pet Surgery at Dessau Veterinary

If your pet has a broken bone or a decayed tooth, he or she may need surgery. At Dessau Veterinary Clinic in Austin, TX, we provide various procedures to relieve any discomfort your cat or dog is experiencing and help it feel its best. Before scheduling your appointment, learn more about what to expect before and after pet surgery below:

Pet Surgery

Expert Veterinary Care

Our veterinary hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and staffed by experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing the highest standard of care for your pet. From routine procedures to complex surgeries, we are committed to ensuring the health and well-being of your furry friend.

Comprehensive Surgical Services

Whether your pet requires a routine spay or neuter procedure, orthopedic surgery, or emergency surgery due to injury or illness, our team is trained to handle a wide range of surgical cases. We utilize advanced techniques and equipment to minimize risk and maximize the success of each procedure.

Pre-Surgical Consultation and Preparation

Before any surgery, our veterinarians conduct a thorough pre-surgical evaluation to assess your pet's overall health and determine the best course of action. We will discuss the procedure with you in detail, address any concerns you may have, and provide instructions for pre-operative care to ensure a smooth recovery process.

Compassionate Post-Operative Care

Following surgery, we offer attentive post-operative care to monitor your cat or dog’s progress and manage any pain or discomfort. Our team will provide you with detailed instructions for at-home care and schedule follow-up appointments as needed to ensure your pet's recovery is progressing as expected.

Contact us for an Appointment Today!

At Dessau Veterinary Clinic in Austin, TX, our team is dedicated to helping you navigate your pet's healthcare needs and providing the highest quality of care. If your pet requires surgery or you have any questions about any procedures, call our office at (512) 339-3177. You can also browse our website to learn more about our services or visit us in person. When you’re seeking a veterinarian near me, our team looks forward to assisting you!



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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "Dr. Campbell and all her coworkers are awesome! Mary remembers how each of my cats react when they come in to visit and even though they are very scared her and Dr. Campbell do everything they can to make it go as smoothly as possible for them. Even if I move out of the Dessau area I will continue to bring my cats here!"
    Izzy Roebuck
  • "Doc Campbell and crew show love and understanding for all their patients. We have used their services since 2005 for our fur family."
    Dora Ann Castro Rodriguez