Pet Allergies

At Dessau Veterinary Clinic in Austin, TX, we understand that pets with allergies can experience a variety of uncomfortable symptoms. Pets experience allergies for a variety of reasons, much like people do. An allergic reaction can be alarming, but there are ways you can prevent and treat an allergic reaction in your pet.

Pet Allergies

Skin Allergies

Skin allergies, also known as atopic dermatitis, are common in cats and dogs. Just like people, pets can have an allergic reaction if they come into contact with grass, dander, and other triggers. In pets, the most common symptoms of atopic dermatitis include constant licking or scratching, inflamed skin, and skin sores.

Food Allergies

Some animals are more sensitive to food than others. Symptoms of food allergies include digestive issues, respiratory illness, and frequent scratching. Treatment for food allergies may involve switching to a new food or getting your pet on a prescription diet.

Flea and Insect Bite Allergies

Flea bites can also prompt an allergic reaction in cats and dogs. In some pets, insect bites can cause an exaggerated response, leading to severe itchiness and skin sensitivity. Flea treatments are often the first step to ensuring your pet is not exposed.

Airborne Allergies

Cats are especially prone to allergens in the air. Cats may exhibit signs of respiratory illness because they may become allergic to fragrances, flowers, and other allergens in the air. Lifestyle changes can improve the health of your pet.

Treatment for Pet Allergies

There are various treatments available that can provide your pet with relief from allergy symptoms. Our veterinarians may recommend the following:

•             Anti-inflammatory medications: Drugs like antihistamines and corticosteroids can help fight allergic reactions, especially in dogs. Medications come in the form of oral tablets and injections.

•             Shampoos: Bathe your pet in shampoo designed for pets with allergies. Shampoo relieves inflammation and itchiness, and it also helps remove any allergens stuck in the coat.

•             Desensitization: Some pets benefit from desensitization therapy, which involves small bits of exposure to an allergy trigger.

If your pet experiences an allergic reaction, these treatments can be especially helpful for reducing symptoms and ensuring your pet is healthy. Our veterinarian will determine what treatment is best for your pet.

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