Ear Mites Treatment in Austin, TX

Treatment for Ear Mites at Our Austin Pet Care Center

Imagine what it would be like to have lots of tiny little creatures irritating the insides of your ears. That's what your pet has to deal with when he has an ear mite infestation. Ear mites may be small, but they can cause a lot of discomfort and even long-term harm if they're allowed to run amuck. That's why you want to schedule the soonest possible examination and treatment from your trusted veterinarian at our Austin pet care center, Dessau Veterinary Clinic.

Treatment for Ear Mites at Our Austin Pet Care Center

How Do Mites Affect Your Pet's Ears?

Ear mites are fairly commonplace, and they can easily be transferred from one pet to another, even though they crawl instead of fly or jump. Most ear mite infestations cause annoyance and discomfort at the very least. Animals who are hypersensitive to ear mites, however, may experience immune reactions that produce acute, intense inflammation. In dogs, ear mite infestations are more likely to occur early in life. In cats, the ratio of kittens to adult cats who suffer from infestation is more even. Your dog or cat may show the following symptoms if he's infested with ear mites:

    • Obsessive scratching at the affected ear
    • Frequent head shaking
    • The appearance of a dark-colored discharge in the ear
    • A foul smell coming from the ear
    • Crusting or other skin lesions on other parts of the body

Ear mites can cause some serious problems. The more your pet scratches at his affected ear, the more damage he may do to the ear itself, opening the way for bacterial infections. Extensive ear damage can even lead to permanent loss of hearing.

Treatment and Preventative Recommendations at Our Animal Hospital

The good news is that ear mite infestations can be successfully brought under control, helping our pet feel better while preventing the development of complications. Either vet at our animal hospital can examine your pet's ears for the telltale signs of an ear mite infestation. Looking at a sample of the ear debris under a microscope can confirm the diagnosis. We then clean out the ears thoroughly before applying any necessary anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and/or mite-exterminating medications to the ear. Your vet can also advise you on how to check and clean your pet's ears on a regular basis to prevent future infestations.

Seeing Signs of Ear Distress? Call Dessau Veterinary Clinic for an Appointment

Do your pet's ears need the care of skilled Austin veterinarian? If you see any signs of possible ear infestations, call (512) 339-3177 to schedule an appointment at Dessau Veterinary Clinic!


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