Pet Eye Infections

Your pets love to see the sights around them, but sometimes they can end up with eye trouble. Pet eye infections may occur, which can lead to several vision and health problems. At Dessau Vet Clinic in Austin, Texas, we help you keep your furry friends happy and healthy. 

A dog with eye infection

Causes of Pet Eye Infections

Eye infections are commonly caused when physical damage to the eyeball occurs, bacteria gets introduced to the eye, or irritants lead to an infection. For example, if you have a dog that likes to explore in the woods, they could end up pushing past some thorny branches that cause a tear in the eye. Or you could have cats that like to play with each other, but one of them gets a bit too excited and ends up smacking the other one in the eye. 

Symptoms of Pet Eye Infections

Your animal may exhibit several symptoms of eye infection that will give you a heads up that something is going on. Eye discharge, especially if it's colored yellow or green, can indicate that your pet is suffering from this condition. They may have watery eyes due to irritants that are on the eye or trapped behind it. Your furry family member may be prone to rubbing at the eye or holding it shut due to discomfort. If they're in pain, then they may have behavior changes, such as being anxious or fearful. The whites of the eye may turn red, or the eye itself may take on a cloudy appearance due to ulceration. The area around the eye, or the eye itself, may be swollen or otherwise show physical abnormalities. 

How Pet Eye Infections are Treated

When you take your pet to our veterinary hospital, a veterinarian will examine them to determine whether their eyes are infected and the best treatment to solve this issue. The medication typically comes as eye drops or a gel, which will help deliver the medication to the impacted area. Your pet may need specialty diagnostic tests if they have eye issues that go beyond a basic infection, in order to speed the healing along. 

Get Your Pets' Eyes Checked Out 

If you think your pet has an eye infection, it's important to get them checked out in a timely manner to receive the necessary care. Your pet deserves the best veterinary care. Schedule an appointment at Dessau Vet Clinic in Austin, Texas today! 



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