What Are The Signs of Diabetes in Dogs?

Dessau Vet Clinic Discusses What Are the Signs of Diabetes in Dogs?

Like humans, canines can develop diabetes, which is an inability to produce sufficient insulin to remove glucose from the bloodstream. Treatment of this condition is critical to ensuring your dog has a long and active life. At Dessau Vet Clinic in Austin, TX, we provide testing, treatment and monitoring of diabetes in dogs.

What Is Diabetes in Dogs?

Inside your dog’s body are small organs in the pancreas that produce insulin to remove glucose from the bloodstream. When these small organs do not function properly, diabetes can develop, which has a damaging effect on many different organs in the body.

Symptoms of Diabetes

You may begin to suspect diabetes if your dog drinks an excessive amount of water, urinates very frequently or may even have accidents in the house. The animal may show increased appetite, but loss of weight and poor condition.

How Diabetes Is Diagnosed

Your vet will provide urinalysis and blood tests to determine the dog’s glucose levels. If these are too high, suggesting diabetes, the vet will prescribe treatment to control the condition.

Treatment of Diabetes in Dogs

After a careful assessment of your dog’s condition, the vet will prescribe the correct amount of insulin, which must be administered daily. The vet will teach you how to give these injections. It is a relatively simple process that can be easily learned. The vet will also have you bring in your dog for periodic bloodwork to ensure the insulin is working and to adjust the dosage, if necessary. Your dog with diabetes can live a long and full life with appropriate treatment.

Make Dessau Vet Clinic Your Veterinarian For Pet Diabetes Care

Dr. Campbell, Dr. Breaux and the staff at Dessau Vet Clinic provide quality vet care for their patients in Austin, TX and nearby communities. At our animal hospital, we provide a variety of veterinary services, including exams, diagnostics, vaccinations, preventative care, surgery, senior care and boarding. Contact Dessau Vet Clinic today at 512-339-3177 for an appointment to have your dog tested for diabetes and to learn about today’s treatments for this condition.


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